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Welcome to the first collaborative project from Jasmine from Shamanic Alchemy + Martika from Twelfth House Art.

The Society is where you come to develop and share your experience with Light.

We cover

  • Light Weaving

  • Hemispheric Gateways anchoring

  • Light Language

  • Galactic Connections

  • Ascension Topics

  • Meditations


You're going to benefit from this space if you are ready to;

  • Activate dormant Light Memories across lifetimes

  • Express the language of your Soul through Light

  • Cultivate the Ancient Wisdom of Light Weaving

  • Release rigid doctrines and embrace a New Paradigm

  • Embrace your role in co-creating a luminous Legacy for the New Earth

The Society has

  • Regular webinars from your hosts who have developed a highly repeatable but adaptable method of safely interacting with the Quantum Field in order to anchor new frequencies [open up understanding and space for new concepts] clearing density [using those new concepts to transcend hurt and perpetual pain that is in excess and doesn't serve you] and bridging a world and series of timelines into the convergence of New Earth where we move into Light and new experiences. 

  • Resources + Worksheets to connect you into developing your own practice and using Science as an analogy for sequence in the processes revealed by working with the Light.

  • Exclusive Forum Community for our peers to connect and collaborate and share experiences.

  • Weekly calls 

  • Hemispheric Gateway Activations

  • Opportunities for discounted Services

The Society is based on not just regurgitating and recycling buzz words with the assumption you see them in the same way as everyone else. We are here to bring tangible practices that very simply allow you to interact with the Field and Weave your intentions. 

Enrolments are based on tiered membership options

A series of archways leading down  hallway, with intricate patterns and light and shadow


Jasmine (Lady Thoth) and Martika connected on this timeline in 2023.


After Jasmine shared a QHHT Session in a Telegram Chat, Martika immediately remembered the connection knowing that she had to work with Jasmine again.


Since then, they have witnessed the collision of particles, and reformation of Light, through intentional collaborative meetings at the Equinox's, Solstices, and intuited timing. Even through dreams, they connect - Weaving Energy & Matter into the Spectrum of Light that contains the All of our observable Universe & Beyond.


They work together in Hemispheric Gateway Gridwork, using their Photonic Light & Element Lead practice, which yields immediate and ongoing responses from the Quantum Field. 


They continue to uncover shared timelines & mission objectives to reclaim the Light so that it may reach every piece of matter - connecting the Hemispheres of the Earth & the Cosmos in a synchronistic wave of Light - assisting in the Convergence of Harmonies that will usher forth the Frequencies that are bringing us into the Age of Light.

Meet the Team

Upcoming Events

Lemurian Life Expo
Lemurian Life Expo
Jun 20, 2024, 9:00 AM – Jun 24, 2024, 8:00 PM
Mt. Shasta,
800 College Ave, Weed, CA 96094, USA
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